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We can remove any type of flooring, we remove the flooring, then smooth out the floors leaving them ready for your installer to install your new floors in a fast, efficent, professional manner & haul out the debris as we work.....off site the same day.

All Types

Flooring Removal

​Tile / Wood/ Carpet 

  • Ceramic Tile (or Any Other Type of Tile)
  • Glued Down Wood 
  • Carpet w/ Tackstrip
  • ​Glued Down Carpet
  • VCT
  • Laminate
  • Marble / Travertine
  • Any Other Type of Flooring

This is One of our Trailers In The Process of Loading Out Tile. Notice The Ramp It Helps Us Get Your Floors Ready Faster By Making it Easier and Faster to Load.

239-333-7678 Call Today!